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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 12, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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read and consider it carefully before investing. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get straight to. the debt negotiations. another round is about to begin, and president obama has upped the ante dramatically. take a listen to this. he says he cannot guarantee social security checks after that august 2nd deadline. watch. >> $20 billion worth of social security checks that have to go out the day after the government is supposedly going to go into default. >> this is not social security checks. these are veterans checks and folks on disability and their checks. they're about 70 million checks that go out. >> can you guarantee as president those checks will go out on august 3rd? >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out on august 3rd approximaif
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we haven't resolved th issue, because there may not be the money in the coffers. >> 70 million checks, gloria borger. we hear that correctly. if they can't get this debt reduction deal and can't extend government bother rowing because republicans said they won't allow it it, then potentially no government benefit checks to millions of americans. >> right. 55 million social security recipients get checks, and that's what the president is talking about. you know, it's interesting. before this stage of the negotiations, i think both sides have been pretty wary about talking about the dire consequences of u.s. -- of the united states defaulting on its debt, because you don't want to spook the markets. you don't want to spook the american people. it's very clear from me from hearing the president in that clip we're now in another pessimistic stage of the negotiations where both sides are taking their arguments outside rather than keeping them
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inside the room. the president wanted the big deal, john boehner it seemed wanted the big deal, and it's very clear that that is not likely to happen. so at this point the president had his press conference yesterday. he said, you know, i'm the grownup in the room here. we each need to give a little on something. he said, by the way, if we don't agree, guess who will sufficiensufficiener? the american people. >> you mentioned spooking the american people. i saw a poll today and i'm sure the white house saw it as well. in it it showed americans are more worried about raising the debt limit than they are about the government defaulting. could the statement by the president be, i don't know, a calculated effort to warn the country, talking about millions who don't get the checks about the severity of this government default? >> absolutely. i think the president is now starting to say, okay, and we're getting a little into the blame
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game now. okay, if the government defaults, you're not going to get your social security checks and your veterans benefits. in the end interest rates will go up and spook the markets. i think you'll hear more and more of that. all of these people sitting in this room seem to agree that they don't want to default. okay? there's some presidential candidates out there in the republican party saying maybe that wouldn't be such an awful thing, but at least all the congressional leaders and the president seem to agree on that one thing. their problem is they can't get there. >> they all agree on it, but you have the top senate republican, gloria, mitch mcconnell, who takes to the floor of the senate and talks about these crucial talks. if you listen to the verb tense, it's past tense as if they're over. listen to this. >> i was one of those who had long hoped we could do something big for the country.
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but in my view the president has presented us with three choices. smoke and mirrors, tax hikes, or default. republicans choose none of the above. >> so mcconnell and the republicans, we've heard this before, they're ruling out any tax increase on anyone, no matter how wealthy they're talking about. gloria borger, refresh my memory. didn't the bipartisan debt commission say there's no way to pay down the debt zero without raising new revenues? >> yeah, they did. i think it's interesting. the republican party to me has moved from this political point of view to kind of a religious theology about no taxes, none at all. and i think you'd have to say that the no tax camp outweighs the deficit reduction camp right now in the republican party.
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the president and john boehner were talking about a deal that had $3 of spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases. if i -- if the republicans of five years ago would have jumped at that deal and said, this is our dream. this is what we wanted. now the republican party has become so pure on the no-tax issue because the tea party contingent is so pure on that there is absolutely no give. john boehner had to go back to the president, called them, gave them a heads-up and said you know what? i can't do this because i won't have the votes in my caucus for it. brooke, we've gotten late news that mcconnell has just gone onto the floor of the senate, and he's actually proposing a backup plan if they don't come to some agreement. >> that's what i want to ask you about. this contingency plan. do you know what the plan would
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be, and would it have anything to do with social security checks still being mailed out? >> well, obviously, no politician wants to stop anybody's social security checks from getting in the mail, because that is not a good political move. what he's proposed is three installments essentially to raise the debt ceiling, and it's a procedural move that would do kind of a short term deal. it is something that the white house will reject. summarily the president has gone out there and said no short-term deals. >> he doesn't want the stop gap. he wants the grand bargain? >> exactly. he wants some bargain, some deal. he doesn't want any kind of short-term deals. again, what i think you're looking at is people taking the story outside the room now as opposed to inside the room.
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so they're going to go back in a half an hour or so and try to negotiate a little bit more. we'll have to see whether the view is a little less pessimistic than we're really seeing today. i don't see any kind of optimism today. you know what? it falls apart always before it comes together, right? so we hope. >> perhaps we'll get to the brink and have some sort of deal done. they meet at the white house in i believe just about 30 minutes from now. gloria borger, appreciate it. thank you so much. minutes from now former president george w. bush, first lady michelle obama and other famous faces arrive in palm desert, kaltz, for a memorial service for betty forld. we'll go live outside that church. also, did you know betty ford chose two people to speak at her service? one of them is former first lady rose lynn carter and cookie
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robe cokie roberts. that's next. [ bell chiming ]
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come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. pioneers first lady betty ford is remember today at a memorial service in southern california. she spoke about the rights and about breast cancer. she also struggled with alcoholism and founded the iconic, the ground-breaking betty ford clinic. they remember betty ford in palm desert, california today. she died friday at the abge of 93. i want to go to thelma gutierrez. who are we expecting to attend? >> reporter: brooke, in under two hours we're expecting a steady stream of dignitaries.
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we're talking about first lady michelle obama, also secretary of state hillary clinton, her husband, bill clinton, former president was expected to attend but we just got word he's having problems with his aircraft and will not attend this funeral but instead show up at the funeral in grand rapids. we're also expecting former president george w. bush. you can see behind me, brooke, some of the local buses have been showing up. they've been pulling up to the church, and many people are getting out. the dignitaries not expected to arrive for another couple of hours. inside the church about an hour ago, the fords did arrive. they're here for private visitation. at 2:00 local, 5:00 eastern we understand that the national tribute is scheduled to get under way. >> thelma, tell me about betty ford's connection to rosalynn carter. they were close friends despite
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her husband losing to jimmy carter in that presidential election. >> reporter: yeah, and that's what's to interesting about their relationship, brooke. president carter, a democrat, beat out president ford back in 1976. he's a republican. these men started out as political adversaries. within time through the years they would become great friends. in fact, president carter called president ford his political hero and a great human being. that relationship translated to the wives. they became very close. in fact, i understand that betty ford actually chose rosalynn carter as eulogist. she describes her as one of the her deepest personal relationships of her life. >> as the years grew on and they were out of office and had their own time to champion their own
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causes, they really developed this personal relationship of i'm a grandmother, and how do we juggle being with our grandkids but yet doing things that our nation expect of us? when they went up on capitol hill to lobby and speak on behalf of health care issues, i think the world really saw that they were going -- they were a force to be roeckoned with. >> reporter: now, the ford grandchildren, all seven of them, are also here at st. margaret episcopal church. they will speak as well as and read psalms. >> thelma mentioned rosalynn carter was selected to speak as was cokie roberts. joining me is cokie from abc. she will give one of the eulogies for betty ford. cokie, i want to have you on and talk about her legacy.
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the reason you're there today is because of a conversation you had with mrs. ford some five years ago. what was it it she asked of you then? >> she actually communicated to me through her daughter, susan, who is a friend. she said the military has first ladies and presidents plan their funerals. they can't get around it. and so she told susan that she wanted me to be one of the eulogists and i was incredibly honored. mrs. ford was very clear that she wanted me to talk about how things used to be in washington before we have the partisanship we have today, and to remind the world that that is possible. i must say i'm accusing her of picking her time of death so she could have it come out at a moment when it could not be more appropriate. those of us who grew up -- i
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grew up with a father in congress and jerry ford came shortly after that to congress. so we all knew each other for decades our whole lives, and everybody was politically on different sides. jerry ford ended up the minority leader of the house when my father was majority leader. everybody was good friends, and what that meant is you could get a great deal more done for the good of the country. that's what she wants me to talk about. >> as you mentioned particularly apropro given the back and forth between the democrats and republicans this week. everyone knows betty ford for the iconic betty ford clinic. she saved countless lives because of that. >> hundreds of thousands of lives. >> hundreds of thousands, but she saved lives when she came forward in '74 saying she had breast cancer. >> absolutely. as someone who has had breast
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cancer myself i am forever indebted to her. what the results of that was was much greater awareness not only of women getting their own checkups and finding out early that they had cancer and therefore could treat it, but greater awareness of the dise e disease. so people are now living a greet deal longer and living with breast cancer at least in part as a result of her efforts. >> right. these days it's not uncommon to come forward and talk about having breast cancer, but then it it it certainly was and people are honoring her bravery. when you think about the time when her husband, gerald ford, came in post nixon presidency, watergate scandal, all the lies, how is it betty ford worked in her own way to change that image at the white house? >> in part it wasn't hard.
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she just did what came naturally, and she was just a down-to-earth, delightful person who didn't try to make anything. she just -- she just went with who she was, and she understood that in that time above all others that americans needed no -- nothing out of the white house that was, you know, a lie or even, you know, a lack of response. so she was the perfect person to come in at that particular moment. >> and how has she been just in the last few years having had her husband die in 2006. i think i read a close family friend said a light went out in here. did you notice that? >> of course, i don't want to pretend to have known her well. i knew her all my life, but she was my mother's friend. she was mrs. ford to me. >> sure. >> and i haven't seen her in
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recent years. i have seen susan, and susan has said her mother has been very frail but that she was mentally quite fine. i have to tell you, the last time i talked to her she knew every detail of what was going on at the betty ford center and every -- she knew exactly what insurance covered and was working to figure out how to handle things insurance didn't cover. i mean, she was fabulous. >> that's amazing. cokie roberts, i appreciate you getting on the phone on such an important day for you and so many people. cokie, thank you. of course, we'll bring you other live moments as some of those dignitaries trickle into that memorial service in palm desert, california. now this. i failed to protect thousands of children, children
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who come from homes like mine. >> a grown man crying over the cheating scandal involving dozens of teachers and principals in atlanta. the superintendent has just made a huge move, one that could signal criminal charges in this case. that is ahead. plus, the man in charge of everything from fox news to the "wall street journal" is deeding with an exploding hacking scandal, one that could put his entire empire at stake. we're getting word rupert murdoch is about to go on the ho hot seat and answer questions. could it affect what you watch on tv in the u.s. next?
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there is no bigger news story shaking the united kingdom
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today than this one. two newspapers caught in the same scandal that brought down the news of the world. the man who owns all these papers is being called onto the carpet in london. lawmakers want to ask rupert murdoch about his own lawyers accused of stealing private information about people as highly placed as the prime minister and the queen. howard kurtz is with me now. he's in our washington bureau. he's the bureau chief at "newsweek." you see them each and every sunday. let's see about how we see effect in the states. how will we see, you know, perhaps some sort of manifestation of the scandal reactionarily within our own newspapers and tvs here. >> well, a few quick points. this is such a black eye and debacle for the murdoch empire. he will be under pressure to sell all the new z because
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they're close to his heart and don't make money. perhaps he'll get rid of the "new york post." the "wall street journal" was in charge of the london unit of news corp, murdoch's company, and who assured the british parliament this is just a rouge reporters. it was no big scandal here. he's called on the carpet. his position is in jeopardy. the federal communications commission could create some problems for the fox stations. >> i thought we learned today that the fcc made this announcement saying they're not involved at all. if what you're hearing is true, if they're involved, how would that affect if i watch "glee" on fox television, would that change? how would that affect things? >> you probably will still get to watch "glee." you can relax on that one point. officially the fcc has no role. this is a british matter.
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i don't expect to see any licenses challenged. informally there are rumblings. this may not come to anything. if the fcc wanted to be aggressive and review the fox stations it could make trouble for murdoch. i'm not expecting any dramatic impact on television, but given the scam is worse and worst it's seemingly every hour particularly with this story about people at london tabloids, not news of the world but others, getting medical records allegedly of gordon brown's baby and reporting that the baby had cystic fibrosis. it's hard to tell where this thing will stop. >> given the different iterations of the scandal that erupt at the uk, let's take the murdoch empire and put it aside. is it fair to say the u.s. is looking into their own practices, checking and double checking that it none of this is
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happening currently? >> there have been some things that happen at t"the new york post" on the gossip page where a couple people took money. it's not tabloids live on the edge, but i don't want to equate aets happened in america with the kind of systemic and just appalling misconduct that went on at news of the world. but, you know, are all tabloids suddenly going to get religion and stop, you know, having paparazzi chase celebrities? i don't think so. it's too lucrative a market. >> let's say that this scandal were to happen here in the united states at some other paper not owned by the murdoch empire. hypothetically, howard, would these newspapers here risk shutting down like we see happen with "the news of the world"? >> reporter: you know, i was surprised as anybody as somebody who watched murdoch all this time that he chose to shut down "the news of the world."
3:26 pm
it's the best selling newspaper in britain. it was just a toxic symbol it was part as a pr move and business move murdoch chose to shutter it. there was a major fabrication scandal in 2002 th3 that i repo about jason blair. the paper didn't shut down. usually the response when you have a scandal is to clean house, hold the executives responsible as well as the reporters. usually the institution is not threatened because unless it can be shown that everybody at the newspaper was involved in some kind of illegal or questionable conduct, you do it by having an independent investigation and firing people. that's one of the things that muir dorsch haventd done. he hasn't fired any executives who oversaw "news of the world." it's the reporters and editors who are losing their jobs, many of whom who had nothing to do with this. >> i have a feeling as you suspect as well we have not seen
3:27 pm
the end of this story. still the beginning phases. howard kurtz, thank you so much from washington. appreciate it. >> sure. up next, afghan president karzai's half-brother shot dead and the person accused of pulling the trigger is someone he trusted very, very mesh inches leon panetta surprises everyone. this is very candid here. you'll hear the sound next. first, this one is for you ladies. you think life in america is stressful for you, you are not alone. they have put out this new study ranking the countries with the most stressed-out women. did the ladies of the usa top the list? let's find out. in the to want five you have 66% of the women saying yes, we're stressed. spain. at number four, 67% brazil, taking the number three spot with 69% of ladies feeling overworked you have russia. what could the top two most stressed-out lady locations be?
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when i left we were talking
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about stress. are american women more stressed than women around the world? the most stressed out women, did the u.s. make the top two? 74% of women stressed is mexico. the number one country, is it the u.s.? nope. it's india. in case you were curious american women ranked 12th most stressed. checking some of your top stories here. four atlanta pformer board chairman resigned his seat at a meeting just last night. investigators say about 178 educators from 44 different schools cheated replacing incorrect answers on tests with correct ones. this goes as far back as 2001. school officials didn't know about it or looked the other way when it happened. a man regarded as one of the most powerful politicians in southern afghanistan was shot dead today in kandahar, ahmed
3:32 pm
karzai was kandahar's council chief and the half-brother of afghanistan president karzai. he was killed inside hi home today during a gathers of tribal eltders. witnesses say he was shot by a bodyguard, a man karzai trusted and close to them for years. the taliban has claimed responsibility saying the shooter worked for them. leon panetta has strong words for the iraq government while expressing the delay keeping troops in the country through the end of the year deadline. the secretaries y of defense wa baghdad monday and he met with troops at camp victory there where he took several questions. one san diego asks if the iraq leaders were ready to take over. i want you to listen to panetta's response. >> there are people that are going to disagree, there are people that are going to have different views. that's got to play out. that's what's happening here. very frankly sometimes it can be
3:33 pm
frustrating. i'd like things to move faster here in terms of the decision-making process. i'd like them to make a decision. do you want to stay or not stay? do you want a minister of defense or a not a minister of defense, but damn it, make a decision. >> leon panetta. he stressed iraqi leaders need to crack down on armed groups targeting u.s. forces. here's what's coming up. there are 2500-plus deaths a year, about five times the number of u.s. soldiers killed in two wars. >> did you hear that? that bears repeating. more than 2,000 kids reportedly die every year because of abuse in this country. the solutions to help come at a price. i'll speak with someone who is telling congress the hard truth today plus the young boy, beaten and kept in a cage and buried in cement left behind hea
3:34 pm
heart-breaking letters. you'll hear what he wrote next. members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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i'm hungry, i'm thirsty, why doesn't anyone come check on me. those are the precise words, the kinds of questions a young boy
3:37 pm
was asking while locked up in a dog cage by his parents, i'm talking about christian choate who told us he wanted to die in letters. we talked about this story yesterday, and now i have new detad ded dee dee tails more upsets. his father and stepmother are charged with murdering him. he died in 2009. court documents indicate it was his stepmother who told him to write his thoughts down while he was in a cage. the records cage she assigned him topics like this, and i'm quoting, why do you still want to see your mom? why did you let the past go? they're desperate and heart wrenching. they're an attempt to get "nascar now" to pay attention. court documents give details about the letters saying christian asked why no one liked him and he wanted to be liked by his family. he wrote about having to steal food, of being forced to relieve himself in that cage. he talked about how he was let out of the cage to clean or to
3:38 pm
vacuum, but put right back in after that. i want you to listen to what christian's family is now saying about his death. >> he was a happy kid, and he was like always, you know, close to he me. we were really, really close before he got taken away. >> played with the neighbor boys, and they played tag. no one could catch him. he was that fast. always liked to watch him play. >> he was 13 years of age. police say christian's father led them to a shallow grave behind a trailer just this past may, more than two years after he died. no one had missed him or tried to find out where this little boy was. we want you to listen to this. this is how the sheriff describes discovering his 13-year-old body. >> wrapped him in a blanket and plastic and buried him in a shallow grave underneath the shed and put concrete on top of
3:39 pm
the body. he also indicated at the time that he put a bible on the boy's chest. >> then there's this detail i want to share with you. according to the northwest indiana times, a roeview of the state and medical records indicates he told his pediatrician in 2008 he was locked up at nights. child services officials say they were not informed of the abuse, though the doctor says she reported it. christian's father and stepmother have pled not guilty in his death. it's a tough story to talk about. it's a story that makes you wonder why? why didn't anyone step up and help this child? could have saved his life? lawmakers on capitol hill happen to be tackling this precise issue today. a house subcommittee held a hearing a couple of hours ago on child deaths due to mistreatment. my guest here is mike kchael pe, and he's working to make childrens and families a
3:40 pm
national priority. michael, you know, this is something at least my team here, we just were horrified by this story out of indiana and it was important enough to talk about and broaden out. the nation has been obsessed with little caylee anthony, but there are hundreds of cases each and every year where a child dies at the hand of the abuser. we don't even talk about it. >> actually, there are thousands of children a year that die. we just completed a report available on our website, which people can download. since the start of the iraq/afghanistan wars, some 25,000 children have been killed in their own homes by a family member or a care taker. that's in a comparison to 5,000 u.s. soldiers that died during that same period. it's altogether quite common. it's 6 to 8 children every
3:41 pm
single day. there's a very sub dued coverage of it by the national press. individual stories for sure, as we've seen in the last few days, but in terms of of what this overall picture looks like, that's what we testified about today before a congressional committee. >> your number is 2500. the gao report, which was part of the reason why the subcommittee was held was something like 1700. bottom line, that's too many. the chair of the subcommittee is a republican out of kentucky. he said the role is to be the voice of the voiceless, especially those kids whose deaths are missing from official data today. yet we're missing so many red flags. i think of jaycee dugard and all the times that child protective services went to that house or this case in gary indiana. what are the red flags people miss? >> a part of it is the work we do with young families at high risk is very modest in this country. we do not have a strong social safety net, and we have far more
3:42 pm
children in risky situations than we have people to respond to that as we're currently set up. it's worth noting that our child homicide rate in people's homes is triple canada's and 11 times italy's. the issue of reporting is a critical first step, but there are confidentiality laws that mask a lot of this from the general public and press. >> what do you mean by these confidentiality laws? what is that? >> there are laws meant to protect the confidentiality of the child, and a lot of agencies invoke that confidentiality as a shield in terms of knowing by the public by lawmakers, by journalists. when a child dies, it's hard for me to see why there's any confidentiality. it was originally developed in order to protect young children who are going to school. you didn't want their names in the newspaper, what happened to them perhaps sexually abused. so you create a confidentiality shield. it has been overused, and it's basically shielded the public from how severe this problem is.
3:43 pm
>> michael, there could be people watching right now. i know the case in gary, indiana, there was a neighbor who thought she saw a boy in a cage and she called child protective services but they came and didn't allow the people in the house. there are people that pick up the phone and call. what message do you have for those people who could be witnesses to abuse happening right now? what do you say to them? >> there are literally thousands of child protection agencies scattered around the country virtually in of county in the united states. if you suspect that a problem is taking place, be persistent in speaking on behalf of that child to that the public officials take notice. on the defense of the public officials, it's important to know that there are 3 million reports of child abuse and neglect a year. it's estimated the true number of kids abused a year is 9 million such incidents and all across the country we have understaffed child protection agencies. they're going out way after the fact of children having been injured, when in fact we need to
3:44 pm
do more up-front. >> we're throwing out so many numbers about the children. i want that number to resonate with viewers that mentioned off the top, michael. 2500 children die each year from abuse. michael, i guarantee you we are committed to following this story. thank you so much for coming on. >> we hope you will support a national commission to end child abuse deaths that we are calling upon the congress to pass legislation promptly and get it signed by president obama. >> i promise you we'll follow it. thank you so much, sir. >> very good. thank you. developing now, police shoot and kill a former nfl player right in front of his son outside a convenience store. witnesses say officers are lying about what happened. the story is unfolds right now. it's next.
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
here's one that will have you asking yourself what will i do? a father was walking out a convenience store with his 19-year-old son. the father had bought a couple of beers, and there's another boy with them that's 16.
3:47 pm
a scuffle breaks out between the dad and a sheriff's deputy investigating a report of underage alcohol sales. dad ends up getting shot and killed. the dad also happens to be a former running back for the cincinnati bengals, david lee turner. a police report says turner complied first when those officers approached him and tried to live. one deputy describes turner hitting him in the back of the head. that's when the other deputy fired his handgun on turner who later died in surgery. an eyewitness to the event says that's not exactly the way it happened. >> i saw stuff flying up, and it made the bag fly up. he didn't hit anybody or do anything. he just abided by their rules. then they just shot him. they shot the man execution style is what i call it. >> turner did have a police record. he had even lost his license because of a dui conviction. the deputy who shot turner is on
3:48 pm
administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. we are now learning just how far the cia went to find osama bin laden, including the plan to interact with people living inside his compound. we're talking high stakes spies game here. that is next. first, some free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour is jack honor and ryan mac, the president of optimum capital management. interesting questions today. carol in new york writes this. i have a credit card charging me an annual fee of $59. my credit is good and i make my payments on time. should i close this card and pay it off? i have another credit card that does not charge an annual fee. what do you think, ryan? does she need these two? >> first of all, before you get a credit card always advocate individuals not get a card with an annual fee attached to it. we have to get those things out of way. since she has that card, the
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question has to have is looking at the emergency fund, does she have nine or 12 months of living expenses covered by the line of credit and the elimination of that credit card cut into the total line of credit she needs for a case of emergency. if it does, i wouldn't cut it off and try to maximize the perks that come with the card. understand that 30% of your fico score is the balance to ratio. when you cancel that score, it will decrease a little bit. give yourself six months to re-establish that score. >> that's why you don't want ten credit cards and cancel them left and right. linda writes, i want to refire in june 2012. i've been delaying filing for associate security until noef november. can i receive full benefits? >> i hope she means november of 2012. she could start this november. her fra, the full retirement age doesn't occur until she turns 66
3:50 pm
in november november 2012. i would encourage her to wait till then to tap social security. even better, for every year she waits until 730, her monthly benefit goes up. if not, at least wait till 66. >> delayed gratifications makes it a lot easier the older you get obviously. thank you so much. if you have a question you want answered, just send us an e-mail at anytime. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ?
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3:53 pm
all right now get this. a doctor has been arrested in pakistan for trying to get osama bin laden. we have the details. >> this story sounds like it's straight out of a spy novel. a pakistani security official telling cnn a pakistani doctor is in custody suspected of helping the cia set up a plot to confirm the whereabouts of osama bin laden. according to this official, this doctor, staged a face vaccination campaign. offering free vaccinations and shots to the children and residents where the bin laden compound was eventually located. this doctor hired two nurses who
3:54 pm
went from home to home. and the plan was to get to the bin laden children and somehow extract some blood or use the syringe from the vaccinations to match their dna samples with dna samples from bin laden's sister who passed away last year in boston, massachusetts. we haven't been able to verify if these nurses made it into the bin laden compound. we did track down one of the nurses who was allegedly involved in this plot over the phone and she repeatedly told us that she cannot speak about this matter. we also spoke to some residents. at least six of them told us in just the days before the bin laden raid, there were two nurses going around town offering these vaccinations. so a rare glimpse of the lengths the cia was going to in abbottabad. the pakistani government made it clear they weren't happy about the raid on the bin laden
3:55 pm
compound. this doctor's arrest could be some sort of payback or effort on the part of pakistani intelligence services to find out exactly how the cia set up an intricate intelligence network on pakistani soil behind the government's back. coming up, the man who drove jared lee loughner to the grocery store in tucson just moments before that shooting rampage is now breaking his silence. find out what happened inside that lab. plus, presidential candidate ron paul just made a big announcement about his future. wolf blitzer is standing by. he's going to break it down for all of us next.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. let's go to wolf blitzer in washington with the latest news, fresh off the cnn political ticker. wolf blitzer, happy tuesday to you. >> happy tuesday to you. a special day for you. more on that coming up in just a moment. michele bachmann is doing in iowa right now, incredibly, incredibly well. she's now leading in iowa. a brand-new poll has michele bachmann at 21%, mitt romney at 18%. ron paul at 14%. sarah palin is not even officially running at 11%. everybody else in single digits. yesterday she was in a separate poll at 25% to mitt romney's 21%.
3:59 pm
so michele bachmann doing extremely well in iowa right now. she needs to do well if she's going to take this presidential race off to new hampshire. she needs to win iowa in order to be a secure jumping off point. ron paul, by the way, coming in third in iowa with 14%. he did make a dramatic announcement, saying he will not seek re-election in the house of representatives next year. he's been in congress for a long time. 24 years as a representative from texas. his 14th congressional district. he says this is going to be his last term in the house of representatives. he's going to run full speed made for the republican presidential nomination. let some other republicans, democrats, independents run in that house seat -- for that house seat in texas. now let's get to the really big huge, important news of the day, brooke. you know what i'm talking about. this is a very, very special day in the history of the world. brooke baldwin's birthday. happy birthday, boorooke to you from me, from all of the
4:00 pm
washington, d.c. bureau, from all of our viewers out there. have a very, very happy birthday. many more happy birthdays to come. >> that is so sweet of you, wolf blitzer. i really, really appreciate it. >> i'm going to tweet that, but i wanted to surprise you with that birthday wish. now i'll go tweet. >> i have love for you, wolf blitzer. you know that. now take a look at this. right now in a room inside the white house, you have republicans, democrats and president obama all negotiating a deal before it's too late. and something can break any minute. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. a young boy, beaten, kept in a cage and buried in cement. >> he was our little cute teie. >> now we hear why he wanted to die.
4:01 pm
congress hears shocking testimony about child abuse in america. >> there are about 2,500 deaths in a year. about five times the number of u.s. soldiers killed in two wars. >> american troops are used to carrying boots and bullets. but soon, they may be forced to add a certain kind of gadget to their pacts. i'll tell you why. plus, as atlantis astronauts walk among the stars -- >> wow, amazing. >> the head of nasa reveals the next step in space. another round in these crucial debt negotiations and talks has, in fact, begun on schedule. the talks were scheduled just a short time ago, about 15 minutes ago, in fact. we're trying to find out whether they are under way and who might be in the meeting. as we told you last hour, the top senate republican, mitch
4:02 pm
mcconnell is speaking in past tense about the chance of getting a debt reduction agreement. he says he doesn't think it will happen as long as barack obama is president. but listen to this -- the president dropping this bombshell in an interview with cbs news. listen. >> $20 billion worth of social security checks that have to go out the day after the government is supposedly going to go into default. >> well, this is not just a matter of social security checks. these are veteran checks. these are folks on disability and their checks. there are about 70 million checks that go out. >> can you guarantee as president that those checks will go out on august 3. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3 if we haven't resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers. >> joining me now from washington, jay newton-small. good to see you. even if you account for
4:03 pm
potential political posturing and we always have to do that, you know that very well. it's a scary prospect the president just raised. he said 70 million americans. but what about the folks in the white house presumably speaking right now. you have republicans, you have democrats. do you think the president's statement today with cbs might have them surprised as well? >> i think republicans probably knew this was kwcoming. certainly one of the things that democrats have always said with the cost of default is a mini government shutdown. for every $1 the u.s. pays out in services right now, 40%, 40 cents of that dollar comes from borrowing. and if you don't have 40 cents on that dollar, then essentially, you're going to have to cut 40% of whatever the government does in order to make sure you're spending within your means. if there's no debt ceiling increase. so this has always been the doom and gloom scenario is you're going to have a 40% government shutdown if this happened. >> fkt aing social security for millions of americans as we just
4:04 pm
heard from the president. mitch mcconnell says he's given up hope for a debt reduction deal. i want to play some of this sound. he also said this -- >> republicans will choose a path that actually reflects the will of the people, which is to do the responsible thing and ensure that the government doesn't default on its obligations. >> so jay newton-small, here's my question. mccome and the republicans have promised the tea party they would not allow the government to continue to borrow money without some sort of debt reduction deal. but how can mcconnell avoid a default without breaking his prom to the tea party? >> look, there are all kinds of lines being drawn in the sand right now. essentially, a lot of people are going to have to break their promises for anything to actually happen. you saw this with any big bill. you saw this with health care reform, you saw this with really anything the government does. medicare part d under the bush administration. people draw lines in the sand. they make all kinds of promises
4:05 pm
to their base, they rally their base, they thump their chest, they say we will never! and then next week they do. it's part of negotiating tactics. >> let's talk about something you wrote about. we know john boehner was edging towards this deal. they were calling it a grand bargain with the president. cantor it appears has quashed that. it also sounds like he's taking the lead. he's the one speaking at these meeti meetings. so who runs the caucus? is it the man othe left or the man on the right? >> well, there's only one speaker of the house, but i do think that the seeker realizes that cantor represents an important part of his constituency, which really is this sort of tea party freshmen, the sort of more right wing kind of conservative part of the base. and so without them, you're going to split the conference
4:06 pm
and really split the party. so you need to bring them onboard. when cantor essentially came out against this grand bargain, boehner said if you're not for a grand bargain, you go in negotiate and you figure out a deal. that's what cantor has been doing. boehner has been sitting back. hasn't been sitting back saying a word and cantor is doing all the negotiations. >> back to the big picture. final question to you -- is the long term debt fix, the president says he wants, is that out the window? and if so, is a shorter-term agreement even possible? >> well, keep in mind, i mean, even the small package they're looking at here is about $2.4 trillion worth of cuts and revenues. and so i mean, this is still going to be an historic deal no matter what. but yes, i think the big grand bargain $4.5 trillion worth of cuts, entitlement reform, tax reform, i think all of that have is really off the table. and you're looking at a smaller packa
4:07 pm
package, probably just $2 trillion or a little bit more that will get them through the 2012 elections. and before i sign off, can i just say happy birthday. >> thank you. two bits of birth dday love in e last ten minutes. "rapid fire" let's go. a man regarded as one of the most powerful politicians in afghanistan was shot dead today in kandahar. he was the provencial council chief. he was killed inside his home today during a gathering of tribal elders. and witnesses say he was shot by a bodyguard, a man karzai trusted and was close to for years. the taliban has come forward claiming responsibility, saying the shooter worked for them. the cab driver who drove jar ed lee loughner to that safeway grocery store where congresswoman gabrielle giffords and nine others were shot and killed is speaking out.
4:08 pm
his name is john marino. he said loughner seemed perfectly normal that january morning. >> i took him there and that was it. he was perfectly normal. nothing strange about you at all. he didn't talk about anything. he stood there with me and i gave him the change, i left and i guess right after i left is when he did it. >> a legal battle playing out in london's high court. lawyers for wikileaks founder jewel l-- julian assange are fighting his deportation. he is denying the allegations.
4:09 pm
this is in san francisco as protesters shut down a subway. the group called no justice, no b.a.r.t. formed after the 2009 shooting of an unarmed passenger by a transit officer who was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. no one has been charged in that latest shooting. and take a look closely at this photo. i know it's kind of blurry here. it shows 15 people on an island. this is off california. they are undocumented immigrants, stuck on santa cruz island. they have no food, no fresh water. a boater called the coast guard, reported seeing these people standing there. i guess they've been there for four days. hungry, thirsty, but otherwise okay. authorities say people from mexico often end up on the channel islands.
4:10 pm
the former first lady mapped out her service before she died. we'll tell you who she specifically asked to speak at this service. we're live outside the church there coming up. but first, he's in charge of everything from fox news to the wall street journal and soon, rupert murdoch may still be sitting in the hot seat here and answering questions about the hacking scandal threatening his empire. find out who's about to grill him next. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates and no minimum deposit to open. it's just the right thing to do. [ mrs. davis ] i want to find a way to break through. to make science as exciting as a video game.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. a newspaper is out of business. two other newspapers caught in the same scandal that brought down the news of the world.
4:13 pm
the man who owns all these papers is being called on to the carpet in london. they want to ask rupert murdoch about his own employees, hacking information from people as highly placed as the prime minister and the queen. howard, let's talk about how we may see some sort of affect here in the states. how will we see, you know, perhaps reactionarily in our own newspapers and tv stations here. >> this is such a debacle. he will be under pressure to sell all of his newspapers because they are close to his heart but they don't make the money that television and movies do. perhaps he would get rid of the
4:14 pm
new york post. the wult journal headed by les hin ton, who was in charge of the london bureau of news corp and assured the parliament this was just a rogue reporter, he's going to be called on the carpet. his position could be in jeopardy. and the if ted ral communications commission could create a problem for some of murdo murdoch's local fox stakers. >> i thought the sec made an announcement saying they're not involved at all. if they are, how would that affect, i don't know, if i watch "g "glee" on fox television, would that change? how would that affect things? >> you'll probably still get to watch "glee." i think you can relax on that one point. and officially, the fcc has no role. this is a british manner. i don't expect to see any licenses challenged. but informally, there are rumbles.
4:15 pm
-- rumblings. let's say this happened with some other newspaper, hypothetically, will thuz newspapers here risk shutting down, like we've seen happen with "the news of the world." >> you know, i was surprised as anybody that he chose to go the route of shutting down "news of the world" the best selling newspaper in britain. i think it has become such a toxic similar bomb of corruption. there was a major scandal in "the new york times" involving jason blair. the paper didn't shut down. usually the response -- usually the response, when you have a scandal youf clean house. usually the institution is not threatened. unless it's shown that everybody at the numt was involved in some illegal or questionable conduct,
4:16 pm
you do it by having an independent investigation. and firing people. and that's one of the things that murdoch hasn't done. he hasn't fired any of the executives who oversaw "news of the world." it's the reporters and editors losing their jobs, many of whom who had nothing to do with the phone hacking. >> i have a feeling as you suspect as well, we have not seen the end of this story. still the beginning phases. howard, thank you so much from washington. appreciate it. >> find out who john huntsman is attacking now. also this -- >> if you told the american people you're not going to cut social security. then don't cut social security. keep your word. >> senator bernie sanders going off on president obama using his own words against him. things are getting fiery in washington.
4:17 pm
the president, the congressional leaders are meeting at the white house, debating how to handle america's debt. could a deal happen soon. we are monitoring. stay right there. right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning and better than ever! hotel bids to find where you n save up to 60% on hotels. * we'll even email you other people's winning bids, so you'll know what price to name. *á with new hotel bid alerts, from priceline. i don't even know anymore. [ tapping ] well, know this -- for a good deal on car insurance, progressive snapshot uses this to track my good driving habits. the better i drive, the more i save. it's crystal-clear savings and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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4:19 pm
>> we have the lathest news fresh off the political ticker. what do you have? >> let's talk about some rough and tough politics. running for the white house, it's not something for the faint of heart. john huntsman, going after mitt romney, perceived to be the
4:20 pm
front-runner right now in the battle for the presidential nomination. huntsman talking about romney's efforts on jobs. and huntsman was pointing out, you know, when i was governor of utah, we were number one in the nation at creating jobs. guess what? massachusetts was 47th. well, romney, of course, is the former governor of massachusetts. the romney campaign responded saying that, you know what, the romney guys have done a good job when romney was governor of massachusetts. unemployment had actually gone down. well, today the huntsman campaign responded saying the romney camp is doing abysmal on jobs. it's getting rougher and tougher for this battle. >> it's election day somehow. what's happening there? >> it's the middle of summer. twlr actually two elections. i'll talk about them real quick. maybe they're california dreaming. there's a special election out there. this has long been held by democrats. democrat jane harmon stepped
4:21 pm
down earlier. there's an election there to fill that seat for the rest of the term 37 with the high unemployment in california and low turnout today, you know what, this is a competitive election. we'll have results later tonight. and brook, do you remember this? madison, wisconsin, those massive protests over there with the republican governor and the state lawmakers to strip the collective bargaining rights of public workers. huge story. today, the first round of recall elections for a bunch of democrat and republican lawmakers who were involved there. that's what's going on today. but what's most important? none of the things i just said. it's your birthday. >> a lot of birthday love this hour. i don't know how you knew. but thanks very much. what happens next time nasa wants to send astronauts up to space? you're going to hear what a top
4:22 pm
astronaut has to say about the future of space travel. and a former president and four first ladies are gathering in kra to say one oof a kound here, a memorial in palm desert. we're there live as the dignitaries and special friends begin to stream in for this special memorial service. be right back. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine.
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4:25 pm
check out this view. the view of two astronauts tied to the international space station. this is their founl spags walk, removing a busted cooling pump to bring back to earth for inspection. meantime, nasa chief charlie bolden testified today on nasa's space program. and i promise this committee, one is that the u.s. will maintain its leadership in exploration. the second one is that we will do everything in our power to facilitate the success of an american capability of taking humans to space on american-built rockets, using american innovation. that's critical for us. and then the third thing is that
4:26 pm
we are going to do deep space exploration. >> and i'll show you some of the live pictures of guys and gal, crew of four, within space shuttle atlantis. they extended their mission by one day. now was know aatlantis will head home july 21 to end nasa's final space shuttle mission. friends and family, and some of the many, many admirerers of the the late betty ford are in california to pay their respects to the wife of the 38th president, the late gerald ford. thelma, when does the actual memorial service begin? >> it should begin within the next hour or so, but i can tell you already invited guests have begun to take their seats. we've noticed a stred distream of people, buses bringi ining t
4:27 pm
gooes gue guests in. the security is high. we were just told a couple of minutes ago, the former first lady of california maria shriver did arrive. she walked into the church. he also saw that there were three large motor kads that ccae up. they pulled into the back of the church. we assume all the dignitaries are arriving or already here. we're expecting first lady michelle obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, her husband, the former president was expected to arrive, but because of problems he had with his aircraft in new york, he had to cancel. he will attend the funeral in grand rapids, michigan. also former president george w. bush also expected to attend.
4:28 pm
thelma, i want you to just run down as we look at the picture, run down some of the other dignitaries. bill clinton was hoping to attend but there was after problem with his airplane? >> yes, we learned a short time ago there was a problem with his aircraft in new york. but that plane was grounded. he was never in any danger whatsoever. they wanted us to emphasize that. the president will attend the funeral that's going to be held on thursday in grand rapids, michigan. now amongst some of the other people are children of the former presidents. now, i also wanted to mention, brooke, according to the schedule, in about 25 minutes, the dignitaries will walk out of a private area that they are being held in right now. and they will take their seats. at the same time, the ford children, their grandchildren, there are seven of them, will line the steps of st. margaret's
4:29 pm
episcopal church. they will await the casket of the former first lady. when it arrives, she will be escorted up the steps with members of the armed forces. the pal bearers will carry hrkas ket to the front of the altar of the church. >> i spoke with cokie roberts of abc last hour. she was one of the few you'eulos chosen to speak by betty ford herself. rose ly rosalyn carter will also speak. they were good friends. >> they were great friends, brooke. in fact, we were talking to a friend of the family who said that the relationship they had was one of the most deepest and enduring relationships that the former first lady had.
4:30 pm
this was a relationship that spanned decades. they actually had very much in common. they championed women's rites they spoke it. and they were also grandmothers. they began as political adversaries. then they grew to respect each other and form a very deep bond. one thing i found really interesting, brooke, is that betty ford was very instrumental in planning this funeral. all the details of this funeral. this happened over the kilometres per hour of many years. and she selected the eulogists. and one everyone is hoping to hear from today is the former first lady rosalyn carter. >> thelma gutierrez, appreciate it very much. >> and now okay, you've heard about the political bickering,
4:31 pm
but. co-ing up next you're going to find out what happens to you and your family if congress does not reach a deal on raising a debt ceiling. one of the world's biggest power banker says it would have nasty consequences. plus, u.s. troops may soon be forced to carry along a certain gadget on the battlefield. what is it?
4:32 pm
4:33 pm
4:34 pm
a big move in the atlanta school's cheating scandal. i want to play reporter roulette and begin with you. alison kosik, we've been talking a lot about the debt ceiling deadline. it's looming three weeks away. what will happen if they can't raise the debt ceiling? >> it looks like senior citizens and veteran, they could be the first to feel the financial impact. what the government has to do is prioritize the millions of bills it has to pay. so if the government let's say, you know, decides not to pay social security and stiffs the
4:35 pm
beneficiaries there, that would free up about $50 billion to pay for other things. these are tough choices. so, yeah, let's say that it decides to keep those. let's say they keep social security, medicare, and medic d medicaid, unemployment benefits and that they'll keep paying defense contractors and debt holders. but here's what it would not be able to pay. it wouldn't be able to pay for the department of education. i'm talking about all of it. that goes for pel grants and scholarsh scholarships. it wouldn't pay salaries for active duty members of the military. the federal highway administration, which means all the highway projects would be put on hold. what would be the new gadget retirement for them? >> the army has been testing touch phones and tablets. it looks like the first smart phone equipped soldier, keep in
4:36 pm
mind the tactical radios are going to stay around. they won't go away. but the new equipment is really useful. they can send text message updates about surrounding. they can send pictures and pull up maps. and it looks like the iphones and android phones have done really well in these rugged conditions. but there are a lot of obstacl s s before the combat troops get the phones. the softwares and transmissions have to be secure and encrypted. you don't want your cell phone on the battlefield to be hacked. it could be a matter of life and death. >> gosh, would they even have that great of a signal in some of the remote parts of afghan tan? >> they could carry around little sort of satellite devices so they would have a good signal. >> wow. >> portable. >> interesting. next here on "reporter roulette" a major development in the
4:37 pm
atlanta school cheating scandal, eddie, we're talking about more than 170 teachers and principals accused here. what's the new fallout today. >> in atlanta on two fronts. you have the interim superintendent there announcing some big changes. four superintendents and a principal that's been let go. now they need to figure out what to do with the 180 principals and teachers accused of cheating on these standardized tests. but the scandal reaches into texas and the dallas area. last night, or yesterday, a deputy superintendent from former atlanta schools was supposed to have her first day on the job, and her first day on the job ended with her being put on paid administrative leave. this is kathy augustine, she's a deputy superintendent in atlanta. her name appears prominently in the scathing report that the georgia state investigators put out last week. and because of that, the school board kind of -- not quite backtracking fully on her hiring
4:38 pm
but they put her on paid administrative leave. buys them more time to figure out what the fallout is going to be from the investigation. >> a lot of people are involved in this one. so many people changing the answers to correct. thank you very much. next up here, gustavo, governor haley there first signs this tough anti-immigrant law. now we learn they have a spanish language hotline to report crime. what's the purpose? why do this? >> law enforcement officials tell me it's because of the booming spanish speaking population. they hope to bridge the gap so the spannic community feels more comfortable reaching out to the police in case of an emergency or a crime. when a crime is committed. so they hope that this line helps ease those fears created
4:39 pm
by the recent immigration law. >> have they gotten any calls yet? >> they did. this morning they got their first call. they said it was a woman elsewhere in the state, her cousin was arrested. she called the line saying i have his papers. they were able to reach this gentleman in jail and bail him out. of. >> now coming up. >> we are at the scene last night and, you know, when you see something like this and just a very gruesome scene. >> we are hearing the heart breaking words of a young boy who was beaten and buried in cement, allegedly, by his own family. you will hear what it was he wrote with just a piece of paper and a pencil while he was kept in this cage. also just a short time ago, there was some testimony on capitol hill that reveals some shocking truths, some numbers
4:40 pm
here about child abuse in this country. it's something you need to hear. . automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams. oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> i'm hungry, i'm thirsty, why doesn't anyone come check on me. those are the kind of questions young investigators say a young indiana boy asked while he was sitting in a dog cage logged up allegedly by his own parents. i'm talki inin ining about 13-y christian choate he was killed two years ago but only found recently. his step to thor would hand him a piece of paper and pencil and write about why you don't feel like you're liked. i mean, have you read these letters? they're heart breaking.
4:43 pm
>> i have. and i have to tell you, i prosecute child sex crimes. i prosecuted people who harm children. and this case got to me. it brought me to tears. >> how could it snot. >> especially as a mom. when i put my prosecutor hat back on, brooke, i think that those letters will be the undoing to these people who harmed little christian. they will be prima facie evidence of the horrors that he suffered. so while this case is probably one of the worst cases that i've seen and one of the cases that has affected me the most, i think that we're going to see justice. talk to me about how the case will be built against them.
4:44 pm
>> this is a significant case and a lot of people i think are questioning whether or not justice will be served here. especially in light of the casey anthony case. but this is not a circumstantial case, brooke. this is a direct evidence case. there were witnesses to this abuse. neighbors talked about the abuse and also reported it. we've got teachers that can be put on the witness stand. we have his sisters who witnessed the abuse and who told the authorities that he had been murdered and then buried under concrete. most important are those letters that you just referred to. the letters from christian himself coming from the grave and telling his story. this is going to be a different case than cases we've seen. this is a direct evidence case, not a circumstantial case. and i'm certain that the prosecution is going to try a very streamlined case.
4:45 pm
the abuse stems back to 1999. what else do we know about this father and stepmother. >> this family has been investigated for years. this is just a macabre situation for this little boy. that this step mom home schooled h him and one of her assignments was to explain why do you still want to see your mother? you know, why aren't you liked? so we have at least that file of abuse that's been documented. of course people are saying the system faileded this little boy and i tend to agree.
4:46 pm
because if you have that much documented abuse. why is the little boy still in their care. i think we are going to have a lot of answers to those questions at trial. >> we talk about the system failing this little boy. people talk about the system failing little jaycee dugard and michael petite testified on capitol hill about this kind of abuse. he told me 2,500 children die from this kind of abuse each and every year. and so many of them, just voiceless. sunny hostin, i appreciate you coming on and putting on your prosecutor hat. thank you. it's not every day we get to salute an american hero on this program, but today we're going to bring you the most proud moment of sergeant leroy petry's army career. he received the metal of honor just this afternoon. the ceremony and how he became a hero is next. er than ever! right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning hotel bids to find where you can save up to 60% on hotels. * we'll even email you other people's winning bids,
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4:49 pm
>> at 32 years of age, is the first class leroy arthur petroy is only the second living recipient of the metal of honor. president obama gave him the award today for his bravery in afghanistan. he lost a hand there back in 2008 as he threw a live grenade out of the way of his fellow soldiers. and we hope soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines watching this newscast right now around the world on the armed forces network will pause with us as we honor this american hero. >> welcome to the white house as we present our nation's highest military decoration.
4:50 pm
leroy was hit in both legs. he's hurt bandly. but he radios for support. he hurls a grenade at the enemy, giving cover to a third ranger who rushes to their aid. an enemy grenade explodes nearby, wounding leroy's two comrades. and then a second grenade lands this time only a few feet away. as leroy puts it, these are my brothers, family. just like my wife and kids. and you protect the ones you love. and that's what he did that day. when he picked up that prenad and threw it back, just as it exploded.
4:51 pm
the force of the blast took leroy's right hand. shrapnel riddled his body. said one of his teammates, i have never seen someone hurt so badly. so even his fellow rangers were amazed at what leroy did next. despite his grievous wounds, he remained calm. he actually put on his own tourniquet and he continued to lead, directing his team, giving orders, even telling the medics how to treat his wounds. when the fight was won, as he lay in a stretcher being loaded on to a helicopter, one of his teammates came up to shake the hand that leroy had left. that was the first time i shook the hand of someone i considered to be a true american hero, that ranger said. he shows that true heroes still exist and that they're closer than you think.
4:52 pm
>> we thank you. still to come, the president wants us to eat our peas, but the first lady wants s to eat good burger. next, we're getting word that a legendary hollywood giant has died of brady bunch fame. that's next. introducing the schwab mobile app.
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♪ >> for 50 years, the theme song has been stuck in our heads. and they definitely are this afternoon, right? who doesn't have a favorite episode of "gilligan's island" or "brady bunch" or "i dream of jeannie." those are some of the creations of sherwood schwartz who died recently. he talks about reaching the pearly gates and hearing a voice that says writing isn't a profession. it's a disease accompanied by another disease called rewriting. he went on to write that heaven was the place he had always been since the day he was born. he leaves behind a wife mildred with whom he had four children.
4:56 pm
and now for your daily serving of political pop, and it's all about food today. joe johns is here with that. when i lived in d.c., i had probably one too many five guys burgers, but it sounds like shake shack is in town and michelle obama likes it. this is called shake shack. it's been around mostly in new york. people swear by it. it's no surprise that mrs. obama, who kind of keeps up with trends with what real people are doing step by. she orders shake shack, fries, chocolate shake and get this -- diet coke. >> of course. to counteract. >> probably between 1,500 and 1,7 1,700 sal rees.
4:57 pm
and suddenly we have what happens in d.c. when things are slow. >> joe johns, forgive me, i have to interrupt you because we're giving live pictures. there he is george w. bush watching former first lady nancy reagan down the aisle here. this is the episcopal church in palm desert, florida. betty ford died recently at the age of 93. secretary of state hillary clinton will be in assistance. bill clinton will not be auz of issues with his air ploen. -- airplane. here as they sit down moments before this memorial service begins.
4:58 pm
president ford came into the white house. this is post watergate. she was just very real. >> she's an icon, she was a contemporary of people who were facing things at the same time. she really made a name for herself in this country for being that person who looked out for others who were having difficulties in their lives particularly, you know, we associate her so much with the betty ford center, and with other things. >> breast cancer. >> yeah, right, breast cancer. she was very close with rosalyn carter. >> now joe johns, let me just pick up where you left off. we know the first lady was eating a burger.
4:59 pm
it's highly caloric. people are none too pleased, right? >> sure, you know. and people in social media started having fun with that. you could call it manufactured because sthe's an advocate for healthy ending and ending childhood obesity and there she is eating this big old burger, right? i guess the point and take away, nutritionists sort of joined with her. if you eat healthy and in moderation most of the time and you work out and you look at michelle obama does, then sure, you can have a big burger and get away with it. you know? >> i kind of agree with you, you know. run it off, be healthy, indulge every so often. like perhaps myself and my team and my chocolate birthday cake today. >> before you go, let be -- i can't be the first, so i'm going to have to be the last to say haeb birthday to you from. from the whole team 3. >> thanks so much. thanks to all of you guys. thank you for bringing in


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